Pre-School Incursions


All workshop programs can be tailored to meet your curricular needs or enquiry units. All you need to provide is a room with ground floor ramp access and an hour before/after for preparation and pack-up. More details will be supplied when you book.

The World of Robotics supplies all equipment and materials needed for their incursions and workshops. Our fees is calculated on the number of students per hour spent in the workshop. Minimum numbers, hours and fees apply as listed below.

Group Size: 20 (min to 30 (max)
Incursion/Workshop Duration: 1 hour

Program Overview

The World of Robotics has an engaging and exciting program suitable for 3 and 4 year old pre-schoolers.


1. Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics by demonstrating and explaining some Entertainment Robots eg. dinosaur robot, dancing robot and a dog or horse. Children are encouraged to ask questions and if time operate a robot.


2. Making it Move

Pet robot toy or dog designing and constructing a robot toy/pet using Robotix – strong plastic modular equipment.


3. Making it Blink – Blinky the Cheeky Robot

Using electronic blocks called Logi-blocks the students construct a robot with blinking eyes.


4. Making a crawling robot using Cubelets

Electronic blocks that think, sense and act.

To discuss how to have a workshop in your school, contact Kevin and Pauline or book online.

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What the teachers think…

  • World of Robotics offered our students thinking well beyond standard project learning… energy and enthusiasm – so much more than just a robot.

    Marg Scott Network Improvement Officer Grampians Region
  • The children wore the hats of scientists and inventors when they investigated forces and energy through the mechanics of robots… true light bulb learning moments.

    Joanne Kretsis Year 3 Team Leader Auburn South PS
  • All of our children were challenged and supported to succeed, and had a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

    Meg Collyer Seabrook Primary School
  • Creating generations of creative and curious minds.

    Lisa Van Noordennen Principal Barnawartha Primary School
  • Problem-solving, persistence, scaffolded learning, high expectations, collaborative learning, risk-taking, test-evaluate-modify… Robotic Education met our aims and more!

    Rob Nelson Principal Bannockburn Primary School
  • We have worked with World of Robotics for 15 years… the whole school, every year.”

    Ian Sloane Principal Mitcham Primary School
  • The Robotics incursion complemented our inquiry learning philosophies of hands on constructive learning. The children wore the hats of scientists and inventors when they investigated forces and energy through the mechanics of robots. They were problem solvers throughout the whole time when they constructed their robot spaceships along with all the add on features. They problem solved and had many light bulb learning moments when it came to attaching the robotic appendages like the arms and lunar rovers.

    Joanne Kretsis Year 3 Team Leader - Auburn South Primary School

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